Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Fan mail - eat your hearts out.

The letter below came from a good friend of mine that I worked with up until a few years ago when he quit and went to work for the City, the motherfucker.
I did something I don't usually do for friends (except Woody) and sent him the link to my blog. I don't turn most of my friends onto it because I don't want them reading what I really think of them.
Anyways, this was waiting in my inbox when I got home.

Hey, i gotta tell ya. i've hit your blog at least 10-15 times in the last two weeks. What pure entertainment. i've checked out all the stuff on the right thats from you, wtf? tattoos ,babes, etc. But i gotta say the one called rants is freaken bad ass. i mean i worked with u for 13.5 years so i know a little on how you think. i get home from work, shower up, get a bourbon n coke goin or a Bud and hit the computer. anyway i was readin some your rants tonite and they had me rollin. mama was cookin dinner about ten feet away askin me what the hell is so damn funny? the one about you n roger was classic. as was the one about the dude who did'nt want to load between 2 white guys. Please wirecutter, give me a call. i lost my old phone with about 300 numbers in it, so i had to start from scratch. yours was one of them. lets drink a beer. i'll bring the Busch. oh ya that one was good too. safeway clerk and do you have Busch? fkn classic. call me. i work m-f 7-3:30. 209-***-3658. tell everyone hi for me.

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