Thursday, January 20, 2011

For "Seeker"

Back up your bullshit opinions with verifiable facts, asshole. Maybe then I might consider publishing your comments.
Your dumbass fucking remarks are why I have comment moderation.
Kind of funny, but I wanted to send this message (and more) to you privately but you chose not to make your blogger profile public, probably becasue you're a fucking keyboard coward. You know, you like to hide behind an alias and a computer screen when you make your snide little remarks.
-Kenny Lane
Modesto, CA.


Bushwack said...

You get em too huh? They are all from the same compound I think... sorros/Olberman/Tingles attack squad...Bad thing is they got an extra couple of extra years to continue their keyboard cowardice. They can stay in moms basement and on her healthcare plan till they turn 26...I think that's why the liberpukes in congress did it... IF the kids had to earn a living they'd get out of their liberpuke mentality real quick..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Kenny said. Oh and go suck a dick you yellow,fucking coward..

Everett said...

Go get 'em Kenny! I like that name, "keyboard cowards"!!

wirecutter said...

Everett - That expression fits those fuckers to a T, don't it?

Thanks, Stevienatt. Fuck those assholes that come to MY house and talk shit.

Yeah, Bushwhack. This motherfucker needs to get a life and get out from under mommy's skirts.

Thanks, guys. Y'all rock.

Rick said...

and fuck Obama too

Bella said...

W00T! W00T! Kick ass Kenny!
And, it is YOUR house.