Saturday, January 29, 2011


WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama issued a plea for restraint in Egypt after meeting with national security aides Saturday to assess the Cairo government's response to widespread protests threatening the stability of the country.
A White House statement said Obama "reiterated our focus on opposing violence and calling for restraint, supporting universal rights, and supporting concrete steps that advance political reform within Egypt."

Supporting political reform in Egypt?
 Hey Fuckhead, Egypt is the only arab ally that Israel has had since Anwar Sadat implemented the treaty and you're supporting political reform? You do know that the party that's likely to come to power is a branch of Hamas, right?
What about our ally and friend, Israel?
You're showing your true muslim colors, motherfucker.

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MrG's said...

I wonder if Israel is considering the decision about giving up the Sinai back to Egypt. Now they have a potentially hostile enemy with a modern military force that has a lot of western equipment and no buffer zone to absorb the attack to buy time to call up the reserves like they had to do in Yom Kippur in 1973 when they were attacked by the Egyptions through the sinai and the Syrians through the Golan Heights.