Friday, January 28, 2011

How to drive a liberal crazy

Give them another reason why Obama has GOT to go.

He's a Muslim extremist. Witness his disastrous Cairo speech, in which he toadied to the worst elements of Islam—and betrayed the moderate elements—a) by referring to the 9/11 killers not as "terrorists," but as "violent extremists"; b) by pandering to the notion that there is an Islamic global community ("Ummah") set apart from the rest of the world; c) by apologizing on the West's behalf for the (defensive) Crusades; and d) by announcing that it wasn't the business of the United States to decide which countries can and can't have nuclear weapons (so go right ahead, Mister Ahmadinejad).... Oh—did anyone mention this before?—and his middle name is Hussein, and he made one of NASA's top priorities an outreach program to make Muslims feel good about Islam's alleged contributions to science.

-From the book 365 Ways To Drive A Liberal Crazy

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