Monday, January 31, 2011

A little out of their jurisdiction, huh?

NEW YORK -- Officials say a New York City undercover investigation at an Arizona gun show found that private sellers didn't always require background checks of buyers.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg's sting operation came weeks after a Tucson shooting that killed six people and injured 13 others.
Officials told The New York Times that undercover investigators were able to buy guns even after telling sellers they probably couldn't pass background checks.
Bloomberg is scheduled to show an undercover video on Monday of illegal firearms sales at the Phoenix gun show last week.
The sting was part of the Bloomberg administration's effort to crack down on illegal gun sales nationwide.
Bloomberg last week urged Congress to make sure the system for background checks on firearms purchases includes the names of everyone prohibited from buying weapons.

What in the fuck are NYPD officers doing in Arizona conducting an investigation about guns? Isn't that federal jurisdiction?
Wasn't Bloomberg one of the idiots that condemned Arizona for the immigration law saying that it was a federal problem, not a state issue?
Is it possible that what violated New York City's draconian guns laws was perfectly legal in Arizona?
And how much to you want to bet that the video will show curios/relics being sold or the video will be of such bad quaility that somebody will have to narrate it to show what's supposedly going on?