Saturday, January 15, 2011

See? It's easy to eat healthy!

So after I get in tonight and warm up I figured out I was hungry so I went and shredded a bunch of lettuce, chopped a tomato, some green onion, a couple of jalepenos, grated some cheese and cut up an avocado for a nice salad with some olive oil and and red wine vinegar as a dressing. Good for the heart, good for the soul, right?
So just before I dug into the healthiest meal I had eaten all week, I remembered that I had forgotten the single most important ingredient.
A pound of motherfucking bacon fried crispy, crumbled in and bacon grease drizzled over the top of the whole mess.
Now that was a salad!


drjim said...

"It's What's For Dinner!".

orbitup said...

I could eat my shoe if you put enough cheese and bacon on it.

Bella said...

Thank Fuck. I really thought that you had lost it for a minute there. Snuff, Booze, Food???? Sex??? Religion??????

wirecutter said...

I know Bella, I'm scaring myself.
What's really bad is that bacon should've been the first ingredient, not the fucking last thing.