Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Tucson Massacre Pep Rally, complete with T-shirts

Not having a TV service anymore (Thank God) I wasn't subjected to (or assaulted by) what I knew was going to be a fucking circus - you know, the Tucson shooting memorial service.
But according to everything I read, it turned out to be just that.
Flopping Aces described it as a "pep rally for Obama".
Read about it here:


orbitup said...

The liberal blogs and "news outlets" think it was just what the country needed. The applause for Barry when he walked up to the podium was more like a rock concert than a memorial service.

I can't believe they found that many people in Arizona to attend the Obama love fest.

Tattoo Jim said...

All of the early morning "news" shows were having quite a liberal field day... I'm just glad that the DIY and HGTV channels are on that early... and here I sit with the local news on and... SHUT THE FUCK UP OBAMA!!! click, click, click....

Anonymous said...

I quickly saw about 10 seconds with all applause for, I believe, Gifford's husband(?) before I figured out what the hell was going on. I was disgusted with the whole idea of showcasing the memorial, and didn't watch another scipted bit of it. What happened to reverance and dignity with respect to the victims...oh, that went out the window when the Head Clown saw the perfect opportunity to show himself at the circus. He must have PR folks like Hollywood. The whole televised event was an opportunity for an opportunist. If he showed that much attention to our fallen soldiers, he might just get a bit of attention from me. And to be televised like a State of the Union! For chrissakes; glad I'm not the only one absolutely disgusted in this moron's antics and motives. I'm not taking away from the victims and their families strife and dispair, but it was no place for our so-called leader.

wirecutter said...

Thanks, Susan. I've gotten a couple of emails saying the same basic thing but you hit the nail on the head.