Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Washington Nugget

From the Sacramento Bee
Imagine a gold nugget the size of a small fruitcake.
Fred Holabird, a mining geologist, doesn't have to imagine, because a gold prospector brought one into his Reno office in 2010.
Holabird remembers shouting, "Oh, my God!" or something similar, but unprintable in a family newspaper.
"I made some exclamation that was very, very loud," Holabird said Tuesday.
Holabird will auction what is now dubbed the Washington Nugget in March.
The stunning piece of gold was literally turned up from the ground near the town of Washington in Nevada County. It weighs nearly 100 ounces.
Current prices would make that gold worth about $135,000, but Holabird believes that the intact nugget is the biggest California nugget in existence and could be worth as much as $400,000.

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Deb said...

Are you sure that is not a photo of a bacon cheeseburger?

Tattoo Jim said...

Oh!!!! I think I just had an orgasim!!!

Skip said...

Looks like sumthin Charliegodammit left in the yard after he stole your pizza.

wirecutter said...

If that dog can shit a 100 ounce, 7 inch long solid gold nugget, he'll eat steak every damned night.

William said...

And to think I've dug for gold in the same spot! Gold is where you find it and that sure is a pretty piece from a pretty place.