Thursday, February 03, 2011

Coyote Facts

Them motherfuckers have been clocked at 43 mph at a dead run. I don't know where it was at and who was on the timer, but I can damn sure guarantee you they were right on the money. They're fast and can get that way damned quick.
Think about your range, your bullet speed, the wind (always figure in your wind, dammit, can I stress the motherfucking wind enough?) and calculate your lead accordingly.


Tattoo Jim said...

Then, if that fails, open up the the Ma Duce... that should take care of everything! Coyote??? I don't see no fucking coyote! You can plant in that lower 40 now if you want!

CountryRebel said...

wheres the rest of ur blog u started on the basic of coyote hunting? heard atleast a dozen of them bastards the other nite, gotta teach my dog not to respond to em so i can draw em in close.