Thursday, February 10, 2011

fgbswk mercj. Woo-Hoo! Party on!

I quit drinking a few weeks ago until this weekend. I don't know what I did that brought it on but when I got off work tonight I stopped by the store and bought a couple of pounds of bacon, a party pack of sausage (fuck Mohammed) and an 18 pack of beer.
I'll be puking in the backyard before it's all said and done.
Fuck Obama.


Foodstamps said...

Hey, man!

Can't go wrong with bacon, but I was interested in what a party pack of sausage consists of in Modesto, CA. IS it one type of sausage or a whole bunch of different ones, and, if so, what kinds?

Either way, the best kind of beer to have with sausages is all of them, so I'm glad the you have 18 of them to work with.

Sounds to me like you are in good shape!

wirecutter said...

24 link sausages and 12 patties. It's a fucking pork wet dream.
No shit, I almost wept the first time I saw it. It was a true blessing from heaven.

Foodstamps said...

Man, that is fucking sweet!

Foodstamps said...

Goddamn, you might have some left for breffus.

wirecutter said...

Naw, I scarfed most of it already and what I didn't get Charliegplmnnbvyun d=gmr

Foodstamps said...

I had no idea that you were fluent in Czech, but I should have guessed it by the title of your initial post.

Skip said...

So both you fuckers will be either shittin' or puckin' in the yard?
Cool. Clean out your systems once inna while. Good for ya.
I do it every once inna while, helps the grass grow.