Monday, February 21, 2011

Ghaddafi has it under control. Yeah. Right.

Yesterday it was all about Ghaddafi saying they were standing strong, they were going to hold on to the last man, woman and bullet and that the military was backing him 100%.
My Okie ass.
I knew that was bullshit when I read this morning before I headed to work and saw that several military installations were overrun by protesters.
Okay, sometimes the military is overwhelmed in the streets but never is a military installation overrun by civilian protesters in their own homeland. Hey, I was in the Signal Corps in Europe and granted while it was a tactical outfit, we were by no means combat arms. Yet I can doubledamn guarantee you that there was no fucking way in the world we would've been "overrun" by a bunch of civilians unless we were sympathetic to them.
Our Basic Combat Training and our basic combat weapons and ammunition loads coupled with the proximity of Combat Arms units would have assured our survival.
So when I read that the installations had been overrun, I knew it was just a song and dance.
I'm not making light of those that were killed by his forces - and I'm sure that there were many more than are being reported - but I do believe at this moment that ol' Mo is in some serious fucking trouble and is probably talking to his boy Chavez looking for a place to crash for a while.

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Niki said...

Just saw in internet, he's loosing ground fast.