Monday, February 14, 2011

halal slaughtered meat - another example of creeping sharia law

A reader sent me some youtube videos of halal slaughtering of meat the other day and asked that I post them.
For those of you that don't know, halal slaughtering is ritual killing of the animal where the slaughterer prays as he kills the animal. It's an absolutely barbaric practice - the animals aren't stunned or killed cleanly because the animal "can't hear the prayers to allah" if it's stunned first.
I won't post the videos, they're sickening and I regret watching them but at the same time I'm thankful to the reader for making me fully aware of the process. The slaughtering is done with a knife, the throats of the animals are cut and allowed to bleed out, taking up to 30 seconds to die.
As a hunter that was raised and taught to always strive for a clean and instant kill, I was offended beyond words when I saw not only the way the animals were killed but how they were treated before their death.
The thing is, with the muslim population growing in the US and Canada, you may be eating halal meat without knowing it, especially if you eat mutton or goat. I am not advocating that you not eat meat (I eat meat every day - pig, beef or goat, can't stand sheep) but I think it may be worth considering asking your local market if they buy ANY meat from halal slaughterhouses. If they do, inform them that you'll do your shopping elsewhere and tell them why.
If you wish to see what I'm talking about, Bare Naked Islam at has one of the videos I watched posted among several others. Be advised it is very graphic.
Okay, I'm not used to being sensitive and I think I need a tissue.
And I think this is my first ever post without a profanity. How fucked up is that?


drjim said...

Yeah, it's just as disgusting as the "Creeping Sharia" that's happening all over the world.
"They wipe they butt with their bare hand, but they think pork is "unclean"", and all the other "jokes" on that list that goes around are actually true.
WHEN is the west going to FUCKING WAKE UP?!?
Being 'PC' with these turds will get you (and your civilization) killed.

Tango said...

The Jewish koshrut law slaughters the animal this way as well, and supposedly their method is incredibly humane. They HAVE to slit the throat with as sharp a knife as they can. They've done this with EKGs hooked up to the animal and there's hardly no reaction at all from the animals' brain. It's just standing there, then it just winks out from blood loss.

Our methods with the cattle stick that uses pressurized air to stick them in the brain with a metal peg is very barbaric. It's incredibly stressful on the animal which in the last minutes of its life actually leads to less tasty meat.

I don't know if the halal stuff is anything like the Jewish stuff, though.

Done the koshrut way, there's no pain and the animal dies extremely fast. Not only that, but koshrut demands the meat be drained of blood as much as possible. The veins need to be gone and no organs can be mixed with the meat. Because of this, most koshrut butchers only use the front half of the animal and sell the rear half to non-kosher butchers for their purposes. The 2 halves MIGHT be reversed, it's been awhile since I read about it. However, it makes the kosher meat I see in the stores much more appetizing because I KNOW what's in it! ONLY muscle and a little fat. NOTHING else if it's true kosher.

Tango said...

I need to amend my comment! I'm not saying it's a perfect way of slaughtering the animal, but I do not think our way is better in comparison to Jewish slaughtering. Kosher isn't the same as Halal, but the killing of the animal itself is. True Kashrut killings just slit the throat and let the animal bleed out. I've seen videos of slaughterhouses pulling out the entire trachea of the animals while they're still conscious.

wirecutter said...

The videos I saw showed muslim slaughterers sawing at the necks which tells me the knives weren't sharp, poking the animals in the eyes with knives to blind them as well as slashing the rear leg tendons to make them easier to handle.

I've not been able to find a single example of this in koshrut slaughtering.

Thanks for your input. It shows me the difference between halil and Koshrut slaughter.

Tango said...

holy crap... yeah that's a little different.

Anonymous said...

yeah...what drjim said.
p.s. will not watch the video.

CountryRebel said...

ive been tryin to find info on sharia law. saw a news video of it but havent found any more information on it. what i saw the ragheads in minnesota have taxis and deny americans rides if they have pets or where crosses etc. they move to our country and want their own special laws... what? not in my country!