Monday, February 14, 2011

halal slaughtered meat - another example of creeping sharia law

A reader sent me some youtube videos of halal slaughtering of meat the other day and asked that I post them.
For those of you that don't know, halal slaughtering is ritual killing of the animal where the slaughterer prays as he kills the animal. It's an absolutely barbaric practice - the animals aren't stunned or killed cleanly because the animal "can't hear the prayers to allah" if it's stunned first.
I won't post the videos, they're sickening and I regret watching them but at the same time I'm thankful to the reader for making me fully aware of the process. The slaughtering is done with a knife, the throats of the animals are cut and allowed to bleed out, taking up to 30 seconds to die.
As a hunter that was raised and taught to always strive for a clean and instant kill, I was offended beyond words when I saw not only the way the animals were killed but how they were treated before their death.
The thing is, with the muslim population growing in the US and Canada, you may be eating halal meat without knowing it, especially if you eat mutton or goat. I am not advocating that you not eat meat (I eat meat every day - pig, beef or goat, can't stand sheep) but I think it may be worth considering asking your local market if they buy ANY meat from halal slaughterhouses. If they do, inform them that you'll do your shopping elsewhere and tell them why.
If you wish to see what I'm talking about, Bare Naked Islam at has one of the videos I watched posted among several others. Be advised it is very graphic.
Okay, I'm not used to being sensitive and I think I need a tissue.
And I think this is my first ever post without a profanity. How fucked up is that?