Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hornadys' Superformance Ammo

So I scored a couple of boxes of Hornadys' Superformance ammo in 22-250 and burned off 3 rounds to check my zero.
Now with their standard V-Max bullet, I'm zeroed at 1 inch high at 100 yards to hit dead on at 200 yards with an advertised muzzle velocity of about 3800 fps. From a rest with factory ammo from my Savage Model 11, I can get just under 1 inch groups which considering my shooting skills is fanfuckingtastic.
Now the data I've gotten from Hornady says that their Superformance V-Max should shoot dead on at 200 yards when zeroed at 1/2 inch high at 100 yards with an advertised mz of 4000 fps. The 3 rounds that I fired got me 2 inch groups from my truck which is still outstanding considering the contorted position my fat ass was in while trying to support the rifle with a cushion and my Stetson over the side of my truck.
I'll try to get some range time in within the next couple of weeks so I can give a better report, but I can tell you that a 2 inch group at about 100 yards from a semi-rest will still put me in the kill zone of a coyote at 200 yards out.

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