Monday, February 14, 2011

I shoulda known

CharlieGodammit is just working the fuck out of his new rawhide bone.
All I can think is "Sonofabitch, he's sharpening his teeth......"
So I had some checking done by my vet as to his breed. She did DNA tests as well as measuring molar to molar ratios. According to his tests he is 3/4 American Husky and 1/4 Grey Wolf.
The American Husky differs from the Siberian in size (larger), coloring (usually brown) and the color of eyes (brown vs blue) and the wolf cross is very common with American Huskies as it's not as refined a breed. In other words, my dog's a fucking Okie - American bred with natives.
We're a perfect match.


Tattoo Jim said...

A match made in.... California????? WTF???? How did that happen???

melody said...

WOW! I have never heard of doing DNA testing on a dog.

He seems like a great dog. I have 5 dogs that I have no idea what they are except for great dogs.

wirecutter said...

Don't think it was DNA testing like they do on people, but all breeds have certain traits in their blood.
It was the molar to molar ratio that tipped her off to the wolf in him - something about greater jaw strength in wild canines.

wirecutter said...

As long as he wasn't a chinese breed or a fucking democrat, I was happy.
Don't care for chinamen much or democrats at all.

Niki said...

Like father, Like son.

Dan O. said...

wow. You needed DNA to know you were perfect match? Just ask anyone who's read your blog more than once. ;)

CountryRebel said...

I got me a pure bred blue healer but hes startin to look like a miniature wolf more every day. hell of a watch dog and smart.