Saturday, February 19, 2011

In case you were wondering.....

My "guest" left this morning once the weather broke, dry and fed.
Other than an hours' worth of laundry and a few meals, I lost nothing. I gave him a few extra things including a sleeping bag and a tarp but nothing I would miss.
He did comment on the number of coyotes he could hear yipping in the alley at night, "almost like somebody was feeding them or something." Or calling them in maybe? I just grinned.
And he gave me a message phone number where he could be reached so he could work off his debt when the weather dried out.

Lighten up on the comments, y'all overloaded me on my earlier post.


Anonymous said...

You still did good!
I woundn't have commented, but nobody tells me to lighten up.
Paul in Texas

Bella said...

Ok, I won't comment. He'lllll be baaaccckkk! Maybe you could do a nice roast in your smoker for him. Lots of bread and fresh veggies wouldn't hurt either. You've got a good heart. Just hope it doesn't go south on you.

Skip said...

He could earn his keep just picking up dogshit from that wolf you got.