Saturday, February 19, 2011

Long stabby thing?

This is what happens in a country that has total gun control. You have to protect your family with long stabby things or golf clubs so you "can whack them off from a distance".



Tattoo Jim said...

Ah, the ever popular and world famous "stabby thing"... I think that's what I'll start calling my 870 Express! "Don't come in here or I'll be forced to use my "stabby thing"!!! What a world!!!

orbitup said...

That's what I thought... I have a shooty thing. Fuck a stabby thing.

Still a funny video.

Richard said...

long stabby thing with the shoulder thing that goes up

Niki said...

If you miss with a bullit you have several more chances. If you miss with a long stabby thing you might well get it shoved up your ass.

Anonymous said...

That Blonde looked MightyPissed at the Guy laughing at Her Husband being a stabber...Yea like the Producer hasn't stabbed the "Shelia" a few times