Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Mercy me

Folks, you may have noticed a new contributor and commenter that goes by the name of Niki. I want to let you know that she's my ex and also that she was invited here by me.
Anybody that's ever been through a divorce knows the pain that comes with it and some, notice I said some, of you know that time heals. Sometimes that healing process takes many years and I feel that this is the path that me and my ex are on.
I ask that you welcome her and I also ask that if you see comments that seem sharp, please understand that they weren't meant that way. All my comments are moderated and she knows me (and my sense of humor) better than any of you can and I know her sense of humor also.
But please..... PLEASE...... do not make a disprespectful remark about Indians, especially Commanches or Apaches - she's almost full blooded Commanche/Apache - unless you want to be subjected to the hell I caught when I fucked up and forgot and accidentally cheered for the cowboys instead of the Indians.