Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Mercy me

Folks, you may have noticed a new contributor and commenter that goes by the name of Niki. I want to let you know that she's my ex and also that she was invited here by me.
Anybody that's ever been through a divorce knows the pain that comes with it and some, notice I said some, of you know that time heals. Sometimes that healing process takes many years and I feel that this is the path that me and my ex are on.
I ask that you welcome her and I also ask that if you see comments that seem sharp, please understand that they weren't meant that way. All my comments are moderated and she knows me (and my sense of humor) better than any of you can and I know her sense of humor also.
But please..... PLEASE...... do not make a disprespectful remark about Indians, especially Commanches or Apaches - she's almost full blooded Commanche/Apache - unless you want to be subjected to the hell I caught when I fucked up and forgot and accidentally cheered for the cowboys instead of the Indians.


YOLO said...

Hi Niki!

The only solid and lasting peace between a man and his wife is, doubtless, a separation and/or divorce. – Lord Chesterfield

...just sayin..;}

Deb said...

Welcome Niki! I see from the post below you are a fellow northerner, and we're a tough lot, so I think you will be a great addition here.

I'm a little concerned though. I hope this doesn't mean Wirecutter's going to go all flowers, rainbows and kum by ya on us. After all, he IS from California, Land of Fruits and Nuts. I'm hoping you will keep him in line.

Tattoo Jim said...

Welcome Niki... from a "partial" Cherokee.... I will NEVER forgive Andrew Jackson for what he did to my people... I'll fuck up every $20 bill that I get! Well, the one I get every so often... o.k., rarely... it's been awhile, o.k.?????

Niki said...

Hi All,
Thank you for the warm welcome. Deb, trust me he won't go fruit and he is already nuts. Yolo, we were good friends before we got married, I hope it will some day be that again. And Tattoo, I found my Dad's grandmother's brother's application for the Cherokee rolls night before last. I'm thinking we might be related, and that there is more than Apache and Comanche in the background. Again,thank you all.

Bella said...

Hi Niki, I'm a Canuck. Wirecutter puts up with me and you might even get to like me. I had a little Indian in me a while back. I have his son. ;) I appreciate your telling us about mending your relationship as I have with my son's Dad. It makes life so much easier to mend the bridges and go on. Here I go, Yap, Yap, Yap. Anyways Niki, Hi. Kisses from Bella.

Niki said...

Hi Bella,
I already like you, I've been reading the blog for awhile. I enjoy reading all of the comments from everyone. One of my great grand fathers was from Canada. I always wanted to visit, until these last two weeks being snowed in. I'm thinking now of Florida or Mexico. Some place warm! Nice to meet ya though.

wirecutter said...

Okay, the very last thing I want or need is Niki, Bella, and Deb ganging up on me.
No, I will not pass on email addresses even if you just "want to share recipes" with each other.
Fuck that shit.
I ain't real stupid, ya know.

Niki said...

How come you didn't comment on my ass thawing out. Have you forgotten you were my ass?