Friday, February 04, 2011

One of my very favorite shirts

This is the front of one of my all-time favorite shirts - Stevie Foodstamps sent it to me and with his gift, I was rewarded for all the time I spent posting shit on this blog for your entertainment.
I just wish it was warmer than 65 degrees here in the daytime so I can wear it outside and show it off.......


TotC said...

65 Degrees? WTF?

What is it with Northern Californians and Floridians anyway? Y'all go running for a winter jacket and a mug of Hot Chocolate the minute the temperature gets below 75.

Hell 65 degrees where I live nets you good looking girls in shorts and such. Especially if it is the fall or winter.

Oh yeah, just pullin' your leg.
Cool sign by the way.

MrG's said...

Like the shirt, where did he get it from?

Niki said...

To the cops in your city it will make a great target, wear with caution!