Monday, February 21, 2011

Seriously..... WTF?

The other night my pyscho neighbors' daughter came over and let me know that there's been a rash of both night and daytime burglaries going on in the neighborhood and the 2 suspects were black and asian - I know what you regular readers are thinking, my guest was a white boy - and they've been hitting my area pretty hard.
So awhile ago I put my wolfdog CharlieGodammit out for a couple of hours and threw him a pound or so of raw red meat as to his expectations and commenced to blogging.
Shortly afterwards I heard all kinds of snarling and barking and yelling and screaming coming from the backyard. Supid motherfuckers oughta know not to interrupt a badass dog when he's eating his raw red meat, huh?
I'll get up and check on shit after I blow through my emails and political blogs.