Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow? Hahahahaha!!!!!!!

Just got finished reading Debs' post about snow in Maine and looking at Stevie Foodstamps FB pictures of snow in ABQ and reading emails from my ex-wife about the blizzard in Oklahoma and all I got to say is: Better you than me!
I hate the fucking snow. Growing up in Germany and Washington and Missouri, I had enough of that nasty shit. And if I wasn't real sure about it by then, being stationed in Germany and spending every motherfucking winter month in the field for 3 years damned sure convinced me.
One of the nice things about living in this pinko state is I can travel to the snow if I feel a need to get my truck stuck in a ditch. Seriously, a common saying when asked what's going on this weekend is "Oh, I thought we might go to the snow." And yes, with the crest of the Sierra Nevada only an hour and a half away, I can find snow all year round somewhere.
And I'll admit that going to the snow can be entertaining even if you don't ski, sled or anything else. If you don't believe me, next time I go (in a week or three) I'll take video of CharlieGodammit chasing motherfuckers in snowshoes. It's absolutely hilarious watching them try to run and then try to climb trees with snowshoes on with that dog dead off on their asses.
He does all right on skiers too, although he's  yet to actually catch one of them.

For a funny post and cool pictures of Maine snow, check Deb at:


Deb said...

LOL! Well, if I had to spend a great deal of time outside in the snow, I may not be so tolerant. I like the snow. I like driving in it. I like playing with the dog in it. Shoveling....well, as long as it's the light fluffy stuff and Nate The Plow Guy doesn't blow his transmission, I can live with it.

However, if this shit is still going on come April, Al Gore better be in hiding.

Deb said...

PS - Thanks for the shout out, Wirecutter! I'll keep tabs on how many middle easterners visited via your site.

Bobby said...

After spending 28 months in FRD, I remember about 10 things from 1987-1989 - 3 of the main things are:

Forgive my poor spelling of Deutch cities. (too lazy to look up)

Yeah, I can do without that white stuff, that's why I live in the Dirty South. NOLA to be exact.

Keep up the good work and take care my brotha!