Wednesday, February 02, 2011

That's a tall order, Stud.

So now the peaceful protests have erupted in violence.
I'll be honest, I don't know enough about Egyptian politics to take a side.
On one hand, I support their past practice of supporting Israel, and that's a very big plus for me. Anybody that's ever read my blog more than 2 days in a row knows I support Israel, no matter what.
On the other hand, I think every nation should have a democratic government.
I am against any government that shuts down free speech (the internet and restrictions of the press) for any reason like the current adminstration did. That was just plain chickenshit..
I'm against the Muslim Brotherhood and their Hamas backing.
I admire the Egyptian militarys' restraint.
I completely disagree with that fucking punk Obama telling the Egyptian President what to do.
I agree that there needs to be a US government backed administration in Egypt.
I disagree that it should be our present socialist administration backing it.

See what I'm saying? In my admittedly uninformed opinion, I think that Egypt should become a democratic nation with scheduled free elections as long as radical islam organizations like Hamas stays out of it and that bitch ass punk Obama minds his own business and Israel ain't gonna get attacked again.