Saturday, February 12, 2011

They're trying to fuck us again, folks.

 Another vote on the mis-named Patriot Act could come as early as tomorrow.

House Leadership held an emergency meeting of the powerful Rules Committee to pass a special rule concerning the Patriot Act.
The rule would allow the mis-named Patriot Act to be brought up on again as early as tomorrow, without any amendment, limit debate to only one hour and require only a simple majority to pass.

This comes on the same day the Homeland Security Czar Janet Napolitano said that the threat of terrorism is at "its most heightened state" since the 9/11 attacks due to increased concerns over “domestic” terrorists.
I think she's talking about us, folks.

Reauthorization of the mis-named Patriot Act gives government jackboots more and more tools in their war on gun owners and gun rights activists, who Obamacrats smear as “Radical Extremists” and even “Domestic Terrorists.”

Some of the very worst provisions of the Patriot Act include:

•Roving, warrantless wiretaps of virtually EVERY form of electronic communication used by U.S. citizens.

•Secret federal searches without warrants OR knowledge of the resident.

•Blanket warrants for the search and seizure of all library records, without naming individual suspects or providing probable cause.

•Judicial warrants replaced with “National Security Letters” signed by unaccountable Obama Administration bureaucrats and gag orders for those served with these letters which make it illegal to tell anyone about it -- including your spouse and your priest!

•Drastic expansion of the definition of “domestic terrorism,” which is sure to include gun owners.

•Expands asset seizure to permit the taking of assets from anyone “suspected” of terrorism, even if that person is NEVER charged or sent to trial.

•Lone wolf provisions which allow the government to spy on ANYONE even if they’re not associated with a terrorist organization or foreign national, without due process or notification.

Please call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and demand that they oppose this blatant attempt to ram the Patriot Act through Congress.

From Gun Owners of America


Foodstamps said...

HA! Fuck, man. Not to toot my own horn, but, thus the creation of those Dangerous Extremist shirts and their popularity among those referred to by our President as, well, Dangerous Extremists (specifically, as I remember, returning Veterans and gun owners).

I was talking to a Brother of mine who just came back from two years of active combat duty in Afghanistan who was quite concerned that the powers that be were going to, at some future time, use a forced PTSD status to relieve him of his firearms. He has a very interesting point of view as far as that goes. Makes you wonder more and more about CCP/CCW, whatever you wanna call it as far as a stealth pistol registration system goes.

Sorry to write a goddamned book on your blog, Ken, but you started it, and I have beer.

Tattoo Jim said...

Does anyone else feel like going to Egypt to find out what "freedom" might really be like?? I definitely see the color of our flag changing... to all red with a hammer, sickle and picture of Obama in the center... the liberals won't be happy until "big brother" is making all our decisions for us... make room for our next president Hosni Mubarak... you don't suppose Mubarak might be related to...????????????

Toaster 802 said...


I completely stole your shit. Good news is that I only do that with things other people need to hear.

Bad news is I visit here daily and your on my blog roll. Keep it coming my man. Fuck Obama!