Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thoughts on CharlieGodammit

I've always figured that I knew my dogs but this semi-wild motherfucker and his ways has me baffled. I've never had an animal that was wild by nature.
I mean, I know how he reacts towards visitors (violently) the mailman (violently) and trespassers (extremely violently) and when I come in from work he kinda sorta seems glad to see me - sometimes I get a wag of the tail - but come bedtime or coyote time, he's extremely affectionate.
He barks (maybe it's a yip) at anything he hears that he figures ain't right, but come the full moon the motherfucker howls all night long whether he's inside or out, whether he can see the moon or not. I'm serious, I am so exhausted by the time the new moon rolls around...... I used to curse the crescent moon because it was the symbol of islam but now I almost welcome it. At least I'll get some fucking sleep.......
He will kill anything in his home, yet I can trust him around kids or dogs or his cat as long as they aren't in his yard. Seriously, he loves human babies and his best friends at the dog park is a chihuahua named Bear and a Doberman named Babydoll. But if either one of them came near Baby Marco, he'd kill them. Really, I've seen him curl up next to Marcos' stroller when Mama was running her beagles. She's even noticed it and feels safe with it.
When he hears something that isn't right, he nips my arm and stands by me. No need to tell him to shut up, I got it. He's done the first part of his job, time to do mine and if I need him, he'll do the second part and back my ass up.
I know this cur dog could kill me any time he wants and I'm sure he knows that too, but I feel so safe with him next to me that I can actually fall asleep in my BassPro Camouflage Easy Chair my front door open and feel completely secure from anything that may do me harm.
There may come a time later when he reverts to his wild side and I may have to kill him, but honestly? It would be a heartbreaker to do it.


Zilla/MJ said...

He loves you, you are his pack mate. He will kill for you or die for you, happily. I highly doubt that he'd ever turn on you. You are his family.

I had a dog who would want to rip the throat out of anyone who came near my baby without my permission. She was a very good dog who died of old age two years ago, but I miss her every single day.
Charlie sounds like an awesome dog, you are blessed to have him.

Niki said...

Will probably never happen, you are his alpha wolf.

Deb said...

I put the dog out back tonight on her run, then I went out the front door to take a short walk down the road to look at the northern lights.

When I returned and walked back up the driveway, crunching on the ice, I saw a nose and one eye looking around the corner of the house at me. She had no clue it was me in my Michelin Tire Man down coat.

As I got closer, she took a step around the corner to look at the intruder, then bolted to the back door.

I walked in the front door, she saw me through the glass in the back door, and what did she do?


When I opened the door to let her in, she did a double take and saw it was me, then greeted me like I had been gone a year.