Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yeah, it's on. Wait, no it's not. Well, maybe.....

OTTAWA - The organizer of an area coyote-killing contest says he's been given the green light by the province's wildlife ministry.
Not so, say wildlife advocates, who claim the contest's illegal, and the ministry itself won't say one way or the other.
Al Mills, the owner of Al's Corner Store in Arnprior, vows to proceed with his cull contest -- what's more, he says the day the current one ends, the next one will begin.
That's made Mills Public Enemy #1 for animal rights activists, who are livid that one of the prizes awarded those who drag in coyote carcasses is a shiny new shotgun.
They cite the Wildlife Policy Section of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources that reads: "... it is an offence to hunt for gain, or to induce another person to hunt for gain."
Mills shrugged that off. "We were granted permission from the MNR," he claimed. "They've called us personally and said, yes, they're 100% behind us."
But a spokeswoman for the ministry said Thursday that the contest may, in fact, be illegal. On the other hand, she added, it may not be.
"Every situation has its own unique elements to be considered," said Jolanta Kowalski. "In the Ottawa area, coyotes can be hunted year round and there's no limit on the number of animals one can kill. But each situation has unique elements that must be considered."
In other words, charges may or may not be laid.

Damn, Shayne! Politicians are the same all over, aren't they?


rpm2day said...

#1 Go Al.
#2 Eff all animal rights activists.(read libtards).
#3 I don't trust anyone that can't spell "Offense" correctly.

wirecutter said...

They're Canadians. They talk and spell shit funny.

Bella said...

You know who you're talking aboot...rite? ;)