Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yup, things are looking up, Obama.

Modesto-based Save Mart Supermarkets announced Friday that it was cutting 103 jobs from its distribution centers in Merced, Roseville and Vacaville, as well as in its labor relations department.
The company's news release didn't include the specific number of layoffs at the Merced center, which employs about 230 people.
Most affected employees will be offered a severance package, including outplacement services, said President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Junqueiro.

And this is in a region that already has 25% unemployment when you take into account those whose benefits have run out and they're no longer on the employment rolls.
So, Wingnut, when are you going to "create" a job for these folks with a wave of your magic wand?


Tattoo Jim said...

Have no fear!!! Just close your eyes and keep repeating "I believe, I believe!"... I believe this fucker is going to ruin this country.... that's what I believe...

Bella said...

It's here too. The company that I worked for 36 years is contracting out my job. (warehousing) They are offering severence to working employees. I've been on disability for about 2 years coz I got breast cancer. Key word: working employees get offered severence. Key word: I'm going back to work! Fuck them if they think they can fuck me. Wish me luck. :) Show me the money honey!


Hey, Jan Brewer could always offer them travel expenses to AZ. :-)