Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Camo Cat

My main Evil Cat loves the outside spring weather and lately I've been letting her out when I get home. Normally she stays in her and CharlieGodammits' backyard but last night I heard a catfight and opened my door to see Camouflage chase another cat across the street.
Isn't it Lane Luck that Camo ran the other cat in front of the car when she ran under it? The only car in sight?
When I got to her, she was bleeding from her nose, ears and mouth and her back was broke. Poor Baby, but she still had fire in her eyes.
I gave her a 22 caliber sleeping pill as quick as I could and wished her Godspeed as she went, then buried her between Hillary Clinton and Punkindog.
I know I did the right thing but somehow I've felt like shit all day long.