Friday, March 04, 2011

'cause that's how we roll, Achmed

"Hey, fucker."
"Hey. Whatcha up to right now?"
I licked my fingers and then wiped them on my pants. "Sittin' here eating a bacon, sausage and ham sandwich and readin' the koran. Why?"
"You're seriously eating all them pork pork products while reading that?"
"That's the only way to read it, you know?" Burp. Whew.
Long silence....... "I fucking love you, Bro....... damn......"
I could almost hear him choking up. And I never did find out why he called to begin with.


Niki said...

You're suppose to eat with your right hand only. It is the one you don't wipe with. I worked with a muslim chick and always ate left handed just to freak her out.

Bella said...

Bwahahahaha, love it! And I don't want 'em to make me a sammich, with either hand.