Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Christchurch? Hello?

Christchurch, New Zealand gets hit with a devastating earthquake a few months ago that just thoroughly fucks the city of Christchurch up, and it's big news although nobody seems to remember what outstanding hospitality these folks showed our Navy and Marines during WWII. Never heard it mentioned once in the news.  And they weren't just bystanders during the War, they lost thousands of their own also.
Then Japan, the fuckers that drew us into a war with a sneak attack, gets hammered by an earthquake and some water and all of a sudden the attention is all directed at them.
And now I can hardly get any news about New Zealand. What in the fuck is happening with them?
Hey, call me an asshole and cold-hearted, but to be honest about it I am more concerned about our allies and Brothers-In-Arms than I am against our former enemies.
Just sayin'.......


Anonymous said...

Im a Kiwi ( living in Australia ) and was back home for a couple of weeks holiday earlier this month. We spent a few days in Christchurch while we were there and gotta say its a sad sight. The general public still arent allowed into the city centre where the worst damage is because its still too dangerous and there are still bodies to be recovered as they work through the rubble. We had to change our accommodation because our hotel was condemned and everywhere you drive you see damaged buildings and houses with red crosses on them ... condemned.Im a pretty proud Kiwi so maybe I have a biased perspective but I gotta say the thing that stuck with us the most after spending a few days there was the attitude and friendliness of the people. Even though they are living with constant aftershocks and the damage to one of NZ's most pretty cities everyone we met was welcoming and glad that we had still bothered to visit.


wirecutter said...

Thanks, Warren - I knew you would respond and thank you for doing so.
You describe gloom and despair for the buildings and cheer and nothing but integrity from the people. I didn't expect any less from them - after all, it isn't America.
Give my best to yours.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, most Kiwis have forgotten about us. There is a small, tiny plaque on Queens wharf where the Marines debarked to Guadal and Saipan, some small exhibits at Camp Johnson north of Porirua and a church near the embassy in Wellington with some Marine flags, but thats about it.

Their fucked up socialist attitude has them sucking up to china more than being thankful they are not speaking japanese.

Most of the mopes I came in contact were just giddy with glee over obama.

Of course, the day will never come that they elect a Maori to PM, but that is just typical UK hypocrisy.

Stretch said...

Following from an e-mail from a Kiwi friend:
As for Christchurch itself it is going to be a long haul for the city to get back to something like normal. The CBD is almost completely destroyed and many of the homes damage will not be able to rebuilt in their present situations. Many jobs have been lost as businesses no longer have premises. It has been a real setback to our already fragile economy.

It was quite interesting that at the time of the earth quake there was a seminar of seismologists in Christchurch. They were amazed at the force which belied the Richter Scale reading as the force was in access of 2Gs horizontally. It has sent them back to the drawing board as it's a factor they hadn't considered so hopefully something good my come from it.

dhanna59 said...

I LOVE me some KIWI'S and AUSSIE'S, You are all the best folks around... I had some experience with your fighting men in a couple of tight places and I smile and laugh every time I think of those guys...NOBODY IN THE WORLD I'd rather be around, I'd like to meet their women but I'm afraid of gettin my ASS handed to me!