Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Christchurch? Hello?

Christchurch, New Zealand gets hit with a devastating earthquake a few months ago that just thoroughly fucks the city of Christchurch up, and it's big news although nobody seems to remember what outstanding hospitality these folks showed our Navy and Marines during WWII. Never heard it mentioned once in the news.  And they weren't just bystanders during the War, they lost thousands of their own also.
Then Japan, the fuckers that drew us into a war with a sneak attack, gets hammered by an earthquake and some water and all of a sudden the attention is all directed at them.
And now I can hardly get any news about New Zealand. What in the fuck is happening with them?
Hey, call me an asshole and cold-hearted, but to be honest about it I am more concerned about our allies and Brothers-In-Arms than I am against our former enemies.
Just sayin'.......