Monday, March 14, 2011

Comments on the post below, please.

I made a post a few minutes ago about how I wasn't a union thug blah blah blah fart blah and got a couple of passionate replies right out the gate. Those fuckers wouldn't even let me finish my beer.
When I opened my comment moderation, I got hammered by two regular readers from 2 different directions which was major suckage because I ain't that quick after 4 tall boys on an empty stomach and a cat-scratched wolfdog. More about CharlieGodammit later. He seriously got his ass whupped tonight.
But it got me to thinking about what all you other fuckers might think.
Please post a comment on that post and let me know what you think about the post in particular, unions in general and that cocksucker Obama if you're buzzed and can't think of anything else.
All I ask is that you don't be abusive towards other posters. Respect their views, and respect their rights. I'll be real liberal (I HATE THAT FUCKING WORD) in my moderation if you can state opinion without letting emotion get too involved.
I know that I won't be stirring up a whole lot of conflict - let's face it, we're all have the same basic views or we wouldn't be here {fuck all you muslim goatfuckers that are here looking for camel toe pictures} reading all these right wing blogs to begin with.
But my first two comments were from opposite ends and I can see both points.
And I'll even allow the "F" word.

As always - please send all reloading information, dead animal pictures, death threats and feather boa promises to my regular email address.
Fuck Obama.