Monday, March 14, 2011

Comments on the post below, please.

I made a post a few minutes ago about how I wasn't a union thug blah blah blah fart blah and got a couple of passionate replies right out the gate. Those fuckers wouldn't even let me finish my beer.
When I opened my comment moderation, I got hammered by two regular readers from 2 different directions which was major suckage because I ain't that quick after 4 tall boys on an empty stomach and a cat-scratched wolfdog. More about CharlieGodammit later. He seriously got his ass whupped tonight.
But it got me to thinking about what all you other fuckers might think.
Please post a comment on that post and let me know what you think about the post in particular, unions in general and that cocksucker Obama if you're buzzed and can't think of anything else.
All I ask is that you don't be abusive towards other posters. Respect their views, and respect their rights. I'll be real liberal (I HATE THAT FUCKING WORD) in my moderation if you can state opinion without letting emotion get too involved.
I know that I won't be stirring up a whole lot of conflict - let's face it, we're all have the same basic views or we wouldn't be here {fuck all you muslim goatfuckers that are here looking for camel toe pictures} reading all these right wing blogs to begin with.
But my first two comments were from opposite ends and I can see both points.
And I'll even allow the "F" word.

As always - please send all reloading information, dead animal pictures, death threats and feather boa promises to my regular email address.
Fuck Obama.


drjim said...

I'm with you. While I might hate unions, their leadership, and the policies they promote, I generally don't hate the people that belong to them. I know PLENTY of non-union assholes, too!

MauserMedic said...

I've worked 20 years in the National Guard (drilling, not full-time employee), and over twenty years in non-profit hospitals, one municipal and one catholic, just for a background perspective.

Unions in general: There is no reason why private citizens should not be able to gather as a group for the purpose advancing their well-being, with some exceptions.

Essential services, such as police, fire, military,and direct healthcare providers shouldn't be able to do so based on the concept that these services are so important to the general well-being of the population. The ability to strike, or retaliate against those who oppose policies sought by those groups, threatens the actual safety of individuals and the population the serve in general, whereas a strike by manufacturing or restaurant labor can be costly while possibly pointing out that they provide a service more cheaply than a competitors while still receiving good pay, benefits and working conditions.

Secondly, government functions should be limited to essential community processes that individuals and cannot carry out for themselves, such as national defense, effective fire departments, water/sewage systems, minimizing crime, etc. If society in general deems these essential, the ability to voluntarily withhold these services, retain incompetent/corrupt individuals, or reduce their effectiveness through understaffing due to excessive cost (pay and benefits) is in itself a threat to the general welfare for the benefit a small group. Which in itself is "unfair", if we must stoop the kindergarten level feelings frequently appealed to by union leadership lately.

Anonymous said...

I think the unions as represented by seiu and people like trumka are heading for a major ass kicking.

Face it, the majority of America is non-union and are happy to co-exist.

When the unions start becoming the fist on the end of Obama's needle ravaged arm - we are going to react.

I don't think much more needs to be said.

Chris said...

There was a time in this country when Unions served a purpose in bettering the lives of the working class by utilizing civil action to achieve their goals. To varying degrees of success. Inasmuch as most of what the Unions have campaigned for has been codified into the various State and Federal laws which now protect those self same workers, the Unions have become, in effect, a second government.

A government which is interested in projecting it's own power and agenda in pursuit of its own ends.

An end and agenda I neither support or agree with. Nor do I believe the American Worker 'owes' anybody anything as a debt of gratitude for the past.

I watch, listen, and analyze what I see and hear, for that is what my profession has taught me to do. From what I can see, the Union leadership has been suborned by a political belief system which is in direct conflict with the principles which underscored the Union's beliefs in the early 20th century, and how they interact with the civil governance of this country.

Wirecutter, you got no problems.

claymore said...

Unions have their place and while the leadership of the majority of them have a liberal bent the majority of the workers VOTE FOR WHO THEY WANT AND SCREW THE PACS.

Unions members fought for the benefits they have TOO fucken bad that NOW you want to take them away.

Don't like it GO BACK TO THE BARGAINING TABLE and BARGIN what you want to do not just arbitrarily change the rules of the game half way through the contracts.

Now you will see the snivelers come out of the wood work with the BUT WE PAY YOUR SALARY rant against public service union members. Well guess what those nice benefits didn't jump out of the wall they were AGREED UPON BY BOTH SIDES OF THE NEGOTIATION TABLE that is how it works.

And for the guy that says public service union members should NOT be allowed to have "Job actions" since when did we lose our rights or have to become a "special class" of citizen don't we have the same rights as you.

Bushwack said...

Whats up man? you blockin my comments? or did it just not get through?

Bushwack said...

Wirecutter, delet my previous comment.. I don't need any help proving I'm a dumbass... I commented on the other post :-(

Tattoo Jim said...


First, foremost and, most importantly, isn't it great that we live in a country where we have the right to either join or not join a union? Isn't that what it's all about? Whether you agree with what they stand for or you hate them with a passion, whether you vote their line or tell them to go to hell with their p.a.c.'s, at least you've got the right to do what you want as far as the union's are concerned! And guess how you got these rights???? Now guess how you can keep those rights.... REGISTER and VOTE!!! And while you're at it, thank a vet for making sure you still have that right....
Enough said........

Bella said...

It's ok Bushwack, I've had days and weeks like that. :)

rpm2day said...

(Busily rummaging through my dead animal pictures...)

It's just my opinion, I could be wrong said...

Are you the Knuckledraggin ass-hoe that wrote the following on another blog anot the earthquake in Japan?

This is Just a warning for you Godless America hating Leftards....more is will be crying out to God to saVE your sorry asses!!
And they had no business shoving that Obamacare health bill down our throats! Actually, they should tell everyone in the city of Berkeley that they have free dope down at the pier.

It sounds as if you are, and if it was you, then I think you are even a bigger Knuckledraggin Ass-Hole than I originally thought

Niki said...

My parents and their siblings helped establish Teamsters local 748, in Modesto. That was when the working man wasn't getting his fair share and wanted it. The union had both teeth and balls in those days. Names like Jimmie(Hoffa) and Frankie(Fitsimmons)were voices on the other end of the phone and people they were to party with at the Miami Teamster's convention in 1960. The local president, Tory (Torriano) had a beautiful wife Ann, who was my aunt's best friend. They gave their blood sweat and tears to make the union work. In return they had decent burials and their hospital bill coverd by Teamster funds when they died. I have heard in recent years, because of politics, regulations and pocket lining, it's no where near the same union.

Niki said...

Ok Kenny,civil:
Now, to it's just my opinion,I could be wrong, That's it son, you damn sure are, WRONG! You voiced your opinion asking if WC was the knuckledragging "ass-hoe" that wrote "anot" the earthquake in Japan? Then commented that if he did, he was a bigger one that you thought.
Now there is your second WRONG. No one asked your opinion. Your third WRONG you didn't proof read your post. The last WRONG, was you hit send. If anyone reading this blog wants your opinion we will say, "I could be wrong, would you post something on Wirecutter's blog? I have't laughed at anyone making a fool of themselves publicly, lately."

Niki said...

How's that for civil?