Friday, March 11, 2011

A dog and his boy

Hundreds of mourners lined the main street through the Wiltshire town to honour Lance Corporal Liam Tasker, of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, who was shot while on patrol in Helmand province, Afghanistan on March 1.
The crowds were swelled by family pets and a dozen police and Prison Service dogs at the repatriation ceremony for the 26-year-old soldier, whose dog Theo died from a seizure three hours after his master was killed.
L/Cpl Tasker’s family said they believe the dog died from a broken heart.

The body of L/Cpl Tasker, from Kirkcaldy, Fife, and the ashes of Theo had earlier been flown back to RAF Lyneham in the same aircraft.
L/Cpl Tasker was the subject of the repatriation ceremony but Theo’s ashes will be presented in private to his family.


Bella said...

FUCK!!! I want the war to end, our young ones to be safe. But we know that ain't gonna happen until someone pulls their head out of their ass. Ya, right!

Scott McCray said...

Damn, Kenny - ya tryin' ta make an old man cry? Must be the dust in here...yeah, that's it.

My condolences to the Tasker family...

PatriotUSA said...

What a great picture. This is TRUE LOVE AND DEVOTION.

I have a post up on this tragic
event and we can know that Tasker and Theo are united in eternity

WC, all dogs do go to heaven.
The Lord has blessed me with a vision of this when one of my best dogs ever died in my arms. Her last act was to look into my eyes and lick away my tears.

Thank God I now have AJ. You
and your site are awesome.

These here three IPA's are for
Tasker and Theo!

Tattoo Jim said...

Just goes to show you, not all hero's have two legs....

may all those goat fuckers rot in Hell!

Niki said...

May God be with the Tasker family.

CountryRebel said...

man you made this redneck tear up... just goes to show dogs are man's best friend.