Friday, March 25, 2011

Firefox - WTF?

So I went to Firefox at all my readers' advice and promptly lost all my favorites. Yes, I clicked on the link to transfer them but I'll be a muslim camel fucking queer if I can find them.
I have a shitload of right-wing blogs, militia sites, music, coyote hunting shit and history (both US and family) sites saved to favorites on IE and now I'll be fucked if I can find them. It's 1 AM, I've been at this for hours and I'm so fucking pissed that I'm about to shoot something somebody anybody.
Suggestions please before I revert back to IE?


Zilla/MJ said...

I prefer Firefox, but I've had the thing lose my favorites or fail to transfer them properly from IE. Is IE still on your computer? I don't have an easy answer although I'm sure one exists, but if you have time, my pain in the ass solution works. Open IE & Firefox. Right click on the toolbar at the bottom of your screen, click "show windows side by side". Now you should be able to see both IE & FF at the same time. Go to your IE favorites, open it and right click on one of the links, click copy paste it into the ff browser & go to the page. Save to ff bookmarks on firefox, repeat. If you open you ie bookmarks in different tabs of firefox, you can use the option of bookmarking all your tabs, then close as you finish & start again until you either have them all or get sick of it.
Hopefully someone has a better idea, but I figured I'd offer you something.
Good luck.

wirecutter said...

Thanks Zilla. I'll try it in the afternoon when I sober up.

Mulligan said...

open IE window -> file menu -> import export -> export to a file -> favorites checkbox -> select favorites folder -> save to a location you can find easily

open FF browser window -> open FF bookmarks window -> import backup button (its at the top on my version) -> import html -> from html file (this window may also give you a import from IE option) -> select the file you saved earlier (bookmarks.htm or whatever)

good luck

Pete said...

Right click on the little house in the top left corner and check the menu bar. You can uncheck it again to get more room on your screen. Cheers cobber ;)

Alan Eldridge said...

What he said.

Internet Explorer (turn, spit)has all your stuff, still does.
FF does not automagically import bookmarks and favorites.
Just do it manually. Don't drink too many beers first and you won't hurt yourself.
If that still doesn't work, find us a fifth grader and we'll walk him through the process.

TexasFred said...

Don't listen to the FireFox fuckers, it's THAT simple... Dance with the one that brung ya!!

YOLO said...

i updated to firefox4 two days ago, having total grief since, good luck!

PatriotUSA said...

Shoot your computer and then set it on fire. You will not solve
the problem of your favorites disappearing but you will have some fun.

I truly loathe computers and I HATE
cell phones.

Deb said...

Been using Firefox for years and love it. I have an extension added on via
firefox that checks ALL my e-mail accounts and puts a little icon up when mail arrives so I don't have to check manually day in and day out, 'cause you know how popular I am.

I am trying to rid my world of anything Microsoft. It's a lot simpler.

Zilla/MJ said...

Opera is actually pretty spiffy. I had a shit computer with very little memory & it was the only browser that didn't crash the thing every five minutes. They've added a lot of improvements to Opera recently so I may start using it again because the latest version of Firefox is pissin me off.

dhanna59 said...

Ken, you need to walk away from that thing for a day or two and calm down before something (you) snaps and you do something you'll regret...This is advice from experience... when you get all wrapped around the axle, thats the only alternative. You stuff is not lost, your friends will help ya. Take a break from all this and reset your head Sergeant!

Dan O. said...

The only thing I EVER used IE for was to download Netscape (predecessor to Firefox.)

Been on the 'net for 19 years w/o any virus detection software and never caught a virus. Never used Outlook for email either.

And NEVER had to worry about export/import of Favorites.

Just sayin'. ;D

Tattoo Jim said...

I always use a pencil and piece of paper when I want to "remember" something... I'll be fuck if I'm going to trust a computer with anything I think is special... I even have this * FUCK OBAMA * written on a piece of paper and taped on my computer----