Friday, March 18, 2011

Gotta think about shit like this before I do it

Okay, so maybe mounting a target board the size of a mans' torso in the backyard wasn't such a great idea. I've already burned off a couple of rounds at it when letting CharlieGodammit out.
I can't help it, the motherfucker is just inside the shadows.
But the good news is that I hit the fucker both times at 50 feet........


Foodstamps said...

Are you familiar with or opposed to Airsoft? It's an entertaining alternative to the real thing, when, say, you cant take real guns and kids out to the range/boonies to shoot. I have an Aftermath AK that feels, I swear, just like the real thing and will cut a beer can in half no prob on full auto. I also have an HK G3 that is a little less powerful as far as fps goes, but is still fun as fuck to shoot. They are also very fine varmint guns. They are a hill of fucking fun, esp. on full auto, at BBQs and random piss-ups.

Niki said...

Think things through? You? I started making a list with toothpaste on a principal and shooting by the highway and got to laughing so hard I quit.