Thursday, March 17, 2011

I gotta quit drinking. So do my neighbors.

Okay, this is a trip.
I was walking back from the liquor store with CGD and saw a couple of my neighbors standing out in the street staring at the sky oohing and aahing. This is not real unusual for my neighborhood being Kalifornia, but Jimmy hollered at me to check this shit out, he needed a reliable (ME?????) witness.
Fuck me to tears, there was a blue light in the sky making some turns like I ain't never seen an airplane do with speed that I have never seen a helicopter do. Not only that but it had a green buddy that wasn't as bright that was hanging around doing the same shit.
It was in the west by southwestern sky, was bigger than a star and was making some serious maneuvers. The general consensus was that it was the motherfucking Japs until I pointed out that they had enough problems of their own at the moment. Luckily, nobody thought of Russia or Sweden or Massachusetts or some other socialist country of trying to infiltrate us or I'd still be out there agreeing with them.
But what really tripped me out was the fact the airplanes from Modesto airfield was taking off and heading towards them the whole time.
In all of my 51 years I have never seen anything like this.


ibeam said...

Anything on your local news about it???

Deb said...

Did you go home, drink the Kool-Aid and wait for the Mother Ship?

Skip said...

Thats why I drink.
So I can see shit like that.

PatAZ said...

were all the neighbors drinking beer too. just sayin

wirecutter said...

They were for sure after I showed up, Pat.
Just sayin'......

Niki said...

Shit, I thought you meant for something serious. If seeing things were a reason to quit, the whole country would be dry.