Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I need an Okie fix, folks.

I was running kinda sorta early this morning so instead of taking Hwy 132 with traffic into work this morning, I hung a right after I crossed the river and was cruising down Durham Ferry Road, singing along with Drivin' and Cryin', enjoying the morning air and generally just enjoying life. It's not a route I take often but when I do I always wonder why I don't drive it every day.
I was doing about 45 without another car in sight - hell, other than the occasional farmhouse, there were no lights at all - keeping an eye out for critters in the roadway, when all of a sudden I heard a WHACK! on my windshield, about 3 times louder than a pebble bouncing off of it. Now I've never been in a vehicle that's been hit in the windshield by gunfire but that was the first thing that crossed my mind so I hit my high beams, stood on the gas and started weaving erratically from one lane to the other for a couple of miles until I was sure I was clear of the impact zone if it was intentional which I seriously doubt, but who wants to take that chance?
Once I got to work I got out and checked my windshield and bigger than shit there was a small crater about the size of a dime almost dead center - actually a tad low and a couple inches to my right of center. The fucking glass wasn't chipped, it was crystallized and I can actually feel it from the inside.

The only thing I can think of is that I was clipped by a stray round that was almost spent, probably from a coyote, possum or coon hunter. No big deal, shit happens.
So now on top of everything else I can't afford, I have a windshield to replace because once the weather hits 100 or above in a few weeks, that motherfucker will spiderweb like crazy and probably leak if it rains again.
Does anybody have a quick cheap fix that I can try to keep that from happening?
Fuck, my insurance has a $500 deductible and between my regular bills and a much needed tune-up on my truck, that's gonna put me on Top Ramen for the next three months.
Any cheap fixes you folks could give me would be much appreciated. It ain't gotta be permanent (although that would be nice) but if it could just get me through the high heat of summer.......