Sunday, March 13, 2011


Japan just got severely fucked up, Libya is in political turmoil, soldiers are dying in Afghanistan for nothing,  our gas prices are going through the fucking roof and what does our Dear Leader do?
(picture stolen from Kicking and Screaming)

The motherfucker goes out and shoots his 61st round of golf since entering office.
Could somebody please explain to the motherfucker that President of the United States is not a 9-5, five day-a-week job? That he kinda sorta needs to stay on top of shit?
I mean it's not that big a sacrifice - after all, it's only for 4 years at the most.


Niki said...

To spend taxpayer money he can't just sit in the whitehouse. This would only require a limited amout of Secret Service personal. It is necessary to play golf to take numerous bodyguards with him.

It is also necessary to take vacations, some seperate from his family, for the same reason. This practice spends tax dollars that could be used for something less necessary like developing fuel sources that don't require us depending on his relatives.

Joshkie said...

Maybe we got it wrong?

Maybe his tittle is Golfer'n Chief , and we always had it wrong.