Friday, March 11, 2011

The Japan quake & big-ass wave

Man, I heard about this shit as soon as I turned on my phone this morning. I mean first thing, an hour before the sun was even up.
So I get online and read the news about it. Hmmm, a shitload of people killed, even more missing. Bummer. Earthquake and water will fuck up your weekend every time.
Then I go over to my blogs and read them, then back to the shake-n-wave.
I get bored with that and go over to facebook to see which one of my cousins pissed another off or who's in jail. Believe me, FB is THE way to keep up on family shit without actually having to see any them face to face. Anyways, all they wanna post about was more Japan shit. Dawn is just now breaking and I'm already getting just a little sick and fucking tired hearing about somebody else's problems and how I should pray for them.
Then I got my first touchy feely email from a friend (motherfucker just got his 'man card' pulled) asking that I keep the victims in my thoughts.  Then another one five minutes later.
Fuck that shit. Here's a thought:
Remember Pearl Harbor!