Sunday, March 06, 2011

Karzai Rejects U.S. Apology for Attack

Afghan President Hamid Karzai tells Gen. David Petraeus that a U.S. apology for the accidental killing of nine Afghan boys in a NATO air attack is insufficient, saying civilian casualties are no longer acceptable.


Well, fuck you! Our soldiers deaths aren't acceptable either, and one American life is priceless compared to your childrens' death.
You play both ends against the middle, accepting our soldiers' sacrifices and our governments' aid while accepting "bags of money" (your words) from al-qaida.
So I got an idea. How about we destroy every fucking improvement we've ever done in your country, cut off all financial aid, pull every one of our ground troops out of Afghanistan, then start to bomb the dogshit out of every fucking suspected terrorist hideout in both your shithole country and Pakistan just for grins.
Just what in the fuck would you do about that? Show your true colors and declare jihad? Big fucking deal.


Niki said...

"Apologize to no one.
Remind those of our sacrifice and don't
confuse arrogance with leadership.
The count is 104,366
dead, brave Americans buried on foreign soil." This is quote from an email sent to me by a Viet Nam Vet.

rpm2day said...

You got my buy in at "Well,fuck you...!"

sablegsd said...

I like your style.

Chris said...

Maybe if they stop lettin' the taliban live in the same housing as the civilians, this wouldn't happen. Or better yet, turn this around and make it Karzai's fault for gettin' his kids killed for tolerating the presence of the taliban in the first place. Niki's right.

MrG's said...

Chris said the same thing I was going to say. They hide among civilians and use our sense of fair play against us. Everywhere except the western based societies life is cheap and useful for propaganda purposes.

Toaster 802 said...

This is why on 9/11 +1 Every major grouping of mud huts called cities in that accursed land should have been smoking glass bottomed holes. Tora Bora? Poof. Who's next, you fucking throwbacks. Make it very clear...Any WMD deployed against the American mainland gets Mecca smoked.

Any questions? Though so.

So easy even a 9th century caveman can understand it. Fuck with us, we turn you and your little camel too into hot ashes...

Zilla/MJ said...

Fucking ay, man. What about the fact that Afghani taliban assholes were responsible for three thousand dead here in OUR fucking country in one day! Screw Karzai, fucking opium junkie mental case piece of shit that he is. Did you know that the government we helped set up there and our soldiers are fighting and dying for enforces sharia gaddamned law? Yeah, they give fucking death penalties to anyone caught trying to leave islam, Christians are abused routinely there and it's all government sanctioned. There's a guy sitting in jail there right now who was sentenced to death by hanging because he gave a friend a bible! The gov't there says the only way for him to save his life is to revert back to that death cult islam.
Our soldiers deserve better than to have to risk their lives for such a worthless evil crap hole. Bring em home and nuke the freaking place.
Sorry for the language, but that shit just pisses me the hell off. What the fuck are we going to apologize for next? Fuck Obama too, he's the asshole who's always sorry for America but doesn't ever dare criticize his scumbag "muslim brothers" who want to kill us, have killed us and are forever thinking up new and atrocious ways to kill us again. I'm so sick of his treasonous ass.