Sunday, March 06, 2011

Karzai Rejects U.S. Apology for Attack

Afghan President Hamid Karzai tells Gen. David Petraeus that a U.S. apology for the accidental killing of nine Afghan boys in a NATO air attack is insufficient, saying civilian casualties are no longer acceptable.


Well, fuck you! Our soldiers deaths aren't acceptable either, and one American life is priceless compared to your childrens' death.
You play both ends against the middle, accepting our soldiers' sacrifices and our governments' aid while accepting "bags of money" (your words) from al-qaida.
So I got an idea. How about we destroy every fucking improvement we've ever done in your country, cut off all financial aid, pull every one of our ground troops out of Afghanistan, then start to bomb the dogshit out of every fucking suspected terrorist hideout in both your shithole country and Pakistan just for grins.
Just what in the fuck would you do about that? Show your true colors and declare jihad? Big fucking deal.