Sunday, March 06, 2011

Keeping them busy

You wanna know an easy way to keep a dog busy and out from underfoot for a couple of hours?
Take a cup full of Ranch salad dressing, give him a nice sniff and a small taste, then fling it in a sweeping motion across the back yard. That dog will not quit until it's all cleaned up. Hey, 3 cups keeps CharlieGodammit busy all day. I go through a lot of Ranch sometimes......
So I'm thinking that using warmed honey (to make it easier to scatter) would work equally well for toddlers too. Of course you couldn't do both dogs and munchkins at the same time or fights might erupt - and we all know how expensive vet bills can be - but maybe in different yards?
Of course, scrubbing the dirt and ants and twigs of Juniors' face might be somewhat of a bitch.
Never mind.