Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A meat smokin' tip

How many of you fuckers that smoke/barbecue (not talking grilling here) your meat with charcoal build a nice bed of coals, throw your prepared meat on and then spend the entire day checking temperatures and adding more charcoal while slowly getting so drunk you can't even enjoy that fall-off-the-bone meat when it's done?
Me too. At least until a couple of weeks ago when I was shown the Better Way.
This don't apply to those that use wood, just us that use charcoal. And while natural charcoal is cleaner tasting (supposedly), it is a bit harder to control using this method.
This is so fucking simple it's unreal.
Instead of building a nice bed of coals before putting your meat on, take the amount of charcoal that you would normally use  and make a fucking doughnut shape with them. Start the amount of coals that would fill the hole in either another grill or a charcoal chimney and let them ash over.
Dump them in the doughnut hole. Open all your vents for a minute to allow them to spread to the unlit charcoal. Once you have that going on, close your shit off a little at a time until you reach optimum temperature (I like 225-250 degrees), then add your meat.
That's it. You are fucking done. The lit coals will slowly spread to the unlit charcoal and will keep your temps steady all fucking day or night, allowing you to go shoot, fish, get laid, fire up a fattie or get drunk.
You're welcome.


Foodstamps said...

I'm gonna try this out this weekend. Three or four hours down the road, typically, I am firing up another chimney starter full of coal.

curtislowe said...

That's pure-D fuckin' genius!!! Thankd for sharing.

drjim said...

That's a good one. I'll tell my stepson about it. He's the smoker dude here in the house.

wirecutter said...

I know!
I spent my first time hovering over my smoker all day to make sure it would work, but the second time? I went coyote hunting, came back 6 hours later and it was all good. 250 degrees, exactly the same as it was when I left.
You actually use less charcoal because you're keeping a constant temperature instead of raising it when you open your smoker up to add more charcoal.