Friday, March 11, 2011


Man, I've been slow cooking a pot of my favorite mess all morning.
Kinda sorta starts out as gumbo but takes a hard right turn after I punch it up a bit.
I got a bean pot that's got in it a pound of shrimp, a bunch of cut up beef, sausage and chicken, with lots of hominy, collards, okra, a couple of mashed up tomatoes, bell pepper, some garlic, red onion and a shitload of fresh jalapenos caramelized together. You might want to ventilate the house when you heat up the jalapenos. Add whatever leftovers you have in the icebox that ain't turning green yet.
Anyways, throw in a big and 2 small cans of Mexican hot tomatoes sauce, good sized can of regular tomato sauce and just enough water to make all that shit float, add a palmful of crushed red pepper, a couple of bay leaves and black pepper, then cover and simmer over a low heat for as long as you can stand it. I let mine go all day and sample and stir every half hour or so. That way I can also add more ingredients if I need to like the time I sampled all the fucking shrimp out of it as the day passed.
Serve over brown rice, mashed potatoes, or ladle it onto flour tortillas. Freeze what's left.
This will definitely keep you shittin' real good.


SanyoSoup said...

Don't the shrimp get overcooked and turn into something approaching the consistency of vulcanized rubber? My experience with cooking shrimp is that you have to get them off the heat right before they are done, or that's what you end up with.

wirecutter said...

Not at all - matter of fact I even braise them in olive oil before starting the mix with them.

Tom said...

Damn, Wirecutter, that sounds good!

Except for the okra. One of the very few things I don't care for. Whenever I've been to New Orleans, I've always got to get a big dish of jambalya -- except I always pick around the okra. Must be my midwestern upbringing...