Sunday, March 06, 2011

Mom sheltering child dies as tornado hits La. town

RAYNE, La. (AP) - When the tornado hit this Louisiana town, Jalisa Granger was instinctively sheltering her child from the sudden, fierce winds. Pieces of homes shot skyward, debris lodged in treetops and a U.S. Postal Service truck was flipped on its side.

When it was over, the 21-year-old mother lay dead from a tree that had fallen on top of her home, authorities say. But her child survived the tornado's rampage through Rayne, a south Louisiana community of 8,500 people some 70 miles west of Baton Rouge.
Maxine Trahan, a spokeswoman for the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office, said Granger was protecting her child when the tornado hit.
"She sheltered the child to protect her from the storm and a tree fell on the house and it killed the mother but the child was OK," Trahan said. A relative who lived nearby found the woman.


stevienatt said...

Went through a couple of them living in OK. Covered my kids just the same.

Zilla/MJ said...

That made me cry. God bless that mother, may she rest in peace and may her child grow up knowing the full measure of his or her mother's love.
I would do the same for my babies in a heartbeat.