Sunday, March 27, 2011

NATO to assume control over Libya

I'm reading here and there that very shortly the US is going to hand over Operation Bootinyernuts to NATO and we're going to be pretty much done with it.
Excuse me? That sounds all well and good except that the US forces in Europe pretty much are NATO. Hell, I can tell you from experience that at least in West Germany in the 70s and 80s, the US Army and Air Force had a stronger military presence than Germany herself did. It wasn't German aircraft taking off from Rhein Main or Sembach or Spangdalem or Ramstein for CAPs. It wasn't German troops that spent the winters out in the field. It wasn't German forces that went on alert once a month or more. It was NATO (interpet that US) troops.
Now I know there was a big drawdown of troops once the Cold War ended - matter of fact, the kaserne that I was stationed at for 3 wonderful years is now an industrial park - but you can't tell me that the German forces are the main players there now.
So we're going to hand over the reins to NATO. Big fucking deal. I can doubledamn guarantee you that we'll still be flying as many missions then as we are now. Maybe even more because you know that France will find a way to surrender or just quit and somebody will have to take up their slack.
Word games, Obama. Word games.
Fuck you.