Friday, March 04, 2011

Ramble, ramble

It was a pretty nice day today - a little sun in the morning but even after it clouded over it stayed warm. Hell, I just stepped out back a minute ago and it's still 65 degrees at 7:30 PM.
So nice that I seriously considered going fishing in the morning.
Naw, fuck that. I'd have to get up before the crack of 9 and I'm feeling extra lazy tonight.
Besides, with gas the way it is I'd better not. Fuck, it cost me 52 bucks for 14 gallons day before yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I was in Park City Utah last week a ski resort town, gas was $3.29/gal Kali just gets screwed. Thanks, Mike from Fullerton

Niki said...

It hit $3.49 a gallon in S.Tulsa yesterday. The paper said it had gone up 10 cents a gallon. It was $3.29 the day before. You don't have to be able to add to be a newspaper reporter.

Bella said...

We had a beautiful day here today too Kenny. Sunshine and around +5. Way better than -35 and over 30 fucken inches of snow in the last 4 days. It was a feel good day! BUT, we gotta go fishin'. Salmon fishing. My bud caught a 93 lb. one and I watched the finesse of him bringing that baby home. Over an hour and both were tired. We ate it too. The biggest that I've caught for salmon was 38 lbs and it took me 45 minutes. Tasty! My arms were so tired that I thought they might fall off. Love fightin' them fish!!!