Monday, March 21, 2011

Too stupid to live

FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE: An attack on the compound of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi on Sunday had to be curtailed because of journalists nearby, Fox News has learned.
British sources confirmed that seven Storm Shadow missiles were ready to be fired from a British aircraft, but the strikes had to be curtailed due to crews from CNN, Reuters and other organizations nearby. Officials from Libya's Ministry of Information brought those journalists to the area to show them damage from the initial attack and to effectively use them as human shields.
The curtailment of this mission led to a great deal of consternation by coalition commanders, sources told Fox News, but they opted to call off the mission to avoid civilian casualties.
During a Pentagon briefing on Monday, coalition commanders said the huge compound was targeted due to its air defense systems on the perimeter and a military command and control center. It was not targeted to kill Qaddafi, commanders said.
- Fox News


Here you've got a bunch of stupid motherfuckers in a country run by a dictator that belongs to a society that is known to use humans as shields, the country is getting the fuck bombed out of it, the dumbasses get an invitation by the dictator that's being targeted to view damage, and what do they do?
They fucking accept.
I'd have fired the missiles anyways and if the journalists were killed or injured?
"Sorry 'bout that. We didn't know you were there and just what were you doing there anyways? Didn't you know we were bombing shit? Are you fucking stupid or what?"