Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wait long enough and somebody else will do it

White House hails Arab League no-fly zone request

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House says the Arab League has taken an "important step" by asking the U.N. Security Council to impose a no-fly zone over Libya and increasing international pressure on Moammar Gadhafi.
A statement from the White House says there's a clear international message that the violence in Libya must stop.
President Barack Obama has repeatedly called for Gadhafi to step down. But the U.S. has not been willing to impose a no-fly zone unilaterally. The White House says the U.S. will prepare for all contingencies and coordinate with allies.
The U.S. and its European allies wanted support from Arab countries to broaden the pressure on Libya. The Arab League wants the no-fly zone to protect civilians from air attack by Gadhafi's forces.


Of course The Obamessiah hails their decision - after all, it wasn't his decision so that keep him of the hot seat. So basically, we've gone from a president that made a shitload of wrong decisions to a fucking president that's afraid to make a decision.
He's so fucking concerned about his image that he stuck his head in the sand and waited for somebody else to do it.
That's our boy.........


Tattoo Jim said...

Sure would be nice if somebody would put Truman's "the buck stops here" sign back on the desk.....

Chris said...

What's everybody excited about? Obamalamadingdong just voted 'present' again.

orbitup said...

Chris is right. If he makes a decision, he will piss somebody off. He is safer not making any.

just bob said...

The buck does not "stop here" it goes from the white house to the unions.

PatriotUSA said...

If we had turned all mussie countries into glass parking
lots long ago this would not
even be an issue and we would
all the oil we need, plus our
domestic stash of carbon fuels.

We could have sent those in Peace
Corp to work in the oil fields
to learn REAL life skills rather
than how to be life time community
activists and leeches of society.