Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why I could care less about thread count

Ahhhhh, clean sheet day!
Man, I love some clean sheets, especially the feel and fresh scent when you first slide in and before that first fart.
So today I stripped the bed and threw the dirty sheets into the washer and let the mattress air out a bit while I did other shit. A little later I threw the now-clean-but-wet bedding into the dryer and went to the closet for fresh sheets.
Hmmmm, where in the fuck are they? I know I have at least a couple other sets, should be right fucking there on the Clean Sheet and Dogfood Shelf and I kno...... Oh, that's right. Winter camouflage. Laying behind the front seat of my truck with god knows what else - busted salmon egg jars, year-old bank receipts, coyote piss in a can, moldy sunflower seeds, maybe even a set of storebought winter camouflage.
Don't you just hate it when that shit happens?


Toaster 802 said...

Well, it is better to find them missing yourself than having your old lady/ mom/ whoever say, "Hey, what happened to my sheets?".

Less drama anyway...

wirecutter said...

Naw, that's the nice thing about living alone, although having to do my own shopping for sheets sucks.

Niki said...

With Wirecutter if something is missing, it's in his truck. After the first couple of years instead of asking where something was I would say, Have you seen?"

He never had.

wirecutter said...

It's true. I pretty much live out of my truck on the weekends so why shouldn't I have the comforts of home there?

Niki said...

That's why you need a "to go" bag. In California it's just in case,you decide to take off somewhere. Here it's cause a disaster will probably happen when you are at work, school or in town. It's only March and Oklahoma has been declared a disaster area at least twice this year. Tornado season hasn't counted in that. It has been blizzards and wildfires.