Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why I could care less about thread count

Ahhhhh, clean sheet day!
Man, I love some clean sheets, especially the feel and fresh scent when you first slide in and before that first fart.
So today I stripped the bed and threw the dirty sheets into the washer and let the mattress air out a bit while I did other shit. A little later I threw the now-clean-but-wet bedding into the dryer and went to the closet for fresh sheets.
Hmmmm, where in the fuck are they? I know I have at least a couple other sets, should be right fucking there on the Clean Sheet and Dogfood Shelf and I kno...... Oh, that's right. Winter camouflage. Laying behind the front seat of my truck with god knows what else - busted salmon egg jars, year-old bank receipts, coyote piss in a can, moldy sunflower seeds, maybe even a set of storebought winter camouflage.
Don't you just hate it when that shit happens?