Thursday, April 21, 2011

Again, they don't know how to duck?

MODESTO -- A man riding a bicycle through a Wienerschnitzel drive-thru robbed the restaurant at gunpoint Wednesday evening.
The suspect entered the drive-thru at 204 McHenry Ave. shortly after 6 p.m., brandishing a handgun and demanding money, according to Modesto Police Sgt. Rick Armendariz. The robber pedaled away with an undisclosed amount cash.
About 40 minutes later, officers found the suspect's mountain bike, gun and some clothing in a nearby alley, Armendariz said. The gun was a replica of a 9 mm handgun.
The suspect is described as a Latino man in his 40s with slightly balding long black hair, Armendariz said. It is unclear whether the robbery is related to another drive-thru robbery that took place earlier Wednesday at the McDonald's on Carpenter Road.

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dhanna59 said...

Wirecutter, you still haven't gotten over the schnitzell sammiches you bought out of the truck at the post gate on Saturday night in Germany when you were knee-walkin drunk have you? MMmmmm, ketchup, lotsa, lotsa ketchup.....nakkins, gotsa have lotsa nakkins too....