Saturday, April 23, 2011

B-a-d ad placement

And ad for "The Walking Dead" on the side of a funeral home?????


Toaster 802 said...

I want to create more dead-coyotes.

What is your take on the 22-250 Wirecutter?

wirecutter said...

Kicked you an email.
I forgot to add that if you're prone to high crosswinds, think about a 243. The boys around here that make those cross-canyon shots favor that caliber. It bucks the wind a little better.

dhanna59 said...

I thought you used to speak the international language of M-16? You know, SCHNIKK-SCHNAKK? Goddammit, get yourself a quality AR-15/M-16A2 with iron sights and you can stop foolin' around with all themm 22-whatevers...All them pesky expensive optics and shit on you PICATINNY rail system..JFC, at some point you make too much money to spend on that stuff...Whatever happened to pickin the rifle up, sighting down the barrel and hittin the target? Stop hatin' now Wirecutter...