Friday, April 01, 2011

But mountain lions are cute and magnifcent and endangered and need protection from evil hunters

Turns out cougars killed Calif wine country sheep
The Associated Press
NAPA, Calif. -- It turns out a sheep herder and Napa County sheriff's investigators were wrong about the California wine country sheep slaughter.
Cougars killed the animals, not gunmen and lamb thieves.
Three sheep were found dead in the Mount Veeder Vineyard on March 25 and seven lambs were missing. Sheep herder George Richmond, who was hired to graze his flock on vineyard brush, and sheriff's investigators reported the sheep were shot and the lambs were likely destined for Easter dinners.
The San Francisco Chronicle says the U.S. Department of Agriculture concluded Thursday that marauding mountain lions were the culprits. A federal trapper found the missing lambs' carcasses in nearby woods.


I'm thinking this is the first time they've seen lions in Napa County since they can't tell the differance between a lion kill and a gunshot wound, the dumb fucks.
Twenty-some-odd years ago when it was legal to hunt lions in Kalifornia, there was a healthy, sustainable population of cats up in the foothills and mountains where they belonged.
Then the bleeding heart liberals got involved and rushed a measure on the ballot outlawing hunting or running with hounds and not surprisingly, it was passed by all the other bleeding heart liberals here.
As a result, not only has the population exploded but they now have absolutely no fear of man. They're coming down the rivers and creeks and raiding small towns and the fact that the above story says there was more than one lion involved might tell you something. Our lions aren't like african lions - they don't have prides nor do they normally hunt together, they're solitary creatures by nature.
What I think is funny is that Napa County is something like 50 miles from San Francisco. I can't wait to read that a mountain lion was seen trotting across the Golden Gate Bridge with a panhandler in his jaws, headed back to the Marin Headlands with his lunch.


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If they're luck it will be just panhandlers and not someones kid.