Friday, April 01, 2011

Coyote bounty in Minnesota?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There have been cases across Minnesota of coyotes killing other animals, including pets in the Twin Cities. Now a state lawmaker has an idea that, he says, will control the growing coyote population.
“It’s more an incentive,” explained Rep. Andrew Falk (DFL), who represents several Western Minnesota counties. “There are a number of farmers in my district who have had experiences.”
Falk has talked with farmers who say coyotes have killed their cattle. Recently, a family pet in a Twin Cities suburb was also killed by a coyote.
Falk’s bill in the state legislature would actually pay people to kill coyotes. It would allow for a bounty for each one.
County Boards would decide specifics, including how much they’d pay for each coyote and when the bounty would be given. Falk estimates that boards might pay anywhere from $5 to $20 for each coyote.
“Specifically where there is a need, where we have an overabundance of the populations, it gives the County Board an additional tool to hopefully incentivize people to hunt or trap or take the animals by any legal means,” Falk said.
Each county will decide whether they use the idea or not.
“I personally don’t think it’s necessary,” said Craig Bourgeault, who lives in Edina.
Bourgeault’s wife filmed a coyote in their backyard recently. The video shows the animals jumping a fence, running through, and jumping another fence to leave, all the while the family’s dog is barking.
Bourgeault thinks coyotes are harmless and would rather not confront anything.
“They’re not going to attack people. They’re not generally going to bother people,” said Bourgeault.
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says more coyotes are appearing in southwestern Minnesota counties. Falk thinks his bill will help deal with the issue.

Thanks to Pat in Arizona for passing this story along.


PatriotUSA said...

Bourgeault thinks coyotes are harmless and would rather not confront anything.

That is what was said about liberals and hippies
in the 1960s and 70s. Look
at the bottom of the pit
where we are now? Damn,
thats right, we ain't hit
bottom yet.

There is still a mussie in
the White House.

dhanna59 said...

Gunfire Report. The noise. That is what will get you reported to the cops and get your asses thrown in jail...As long as you kill silently, your OK. To me, a rifle report means something is out there and needs killin or someone is sighting in a weapon to shoot something that needs killin. Outside city limits means a lot. I went online and found that my sissy little town doesn't even allow pellet air or BB guns in city limits. Rural Louisiana? WTF?

Stretch said...

Virginia has county run bounties on coyotes. Counties pay between nothing to $50 a head. We can hunt year round on private lands and public during specific seasons. As usual we can't hunt on Sundays.
Gun store buddy got himself a new AR upper and scope on money from killing coyotes.

Steven said...

"Bourgeault thinks coyotes are harmless and would rather not confront anything."

Especially when it's not your Pet.

My dog was killed by a coyote 10 miles south of Saint Paul MN and may be the one refered to in the story.

DNR said we should learn to coexist with the coyote. Bullshit.

I loved that dog and coyotes have no reason to live. Give me one redeeming quality of the coyote
(fur coats excluded).

Rep Bourgeault would call out the national guard if that coyote took a beeline for his dog and ripped it up.

Chico 6-1-2003 6-7-2010 RIP

9 lbs of ferocious and my best friend.

Fuck Obama..............

(sending you a pic can't attach here, maybe you could add pic to posting)


wirecutter said...

Steve, I'm sorry. I posted your pic before I checked my comments.
Believe it or not, coyotes do have a decent quality and that's keeping rodents down in their OWN NATURAL environment. It's when they come into ours that the problems start.
My sympathies and I promise I will think of your best friend the next time I pop one.